67, rue des Orfèvres
49300 CHOLET

Flat S313
7, allée Jean-Baptiste Fourier
44300 Nantes

Marital Status : Single
Nationality : French
Born on February 28th, 1976, in Cholet, France
24 years old

1999-2000 Ecole des Mines de Nantes, a 4 year undergraduate program  equivalent to a master of science. The EMN is a school which  produces high level multidisciplinary engineers with a mastery of industrial systems engineering. I have chosen the  quality and reliabilty of systems option.
1997-1999 ISTIA, Quality Management, a 4 year degree in Engineering with  honors. A master of science in Quality Management, equivalent to a Bachelorís degree.
Qualified as Quality auditor.
1995-1997 Institut Universitaire Technologique de Nantes, Electrical Engineering, a 2 year first degree in Electronics and Computer Sciences.
1994-1995 Université díAngers, Science Faculty, university diploma course in Mathematics and Physics.
1994 Lycée Sainte-Marie, Cholet, a Baccalaureate in Biology and  Mathematics with honors.


Training Periods
1999 Five months in the Service des Modifications de líIngénierie du Parc en Exploitation (SMIPE) of the nuclear power station of Chinon, France. I worked as a quality manager to increase the tracability and the follow-up of improvement operations of electricity production. I also created a new computer application.
1998-1999 A hundred hour project on improvement of the Quality system of Rivard firm (specialised truck producer), in Daumeray, France, for the ISO 9001 certification.
1998 Four months in Thomson CSF of Cholet, France, as a quality manager. I optimized the quality procedures of the Profesional Transformer Unit (DTP). I carried out audits and I installed project planning for the Research and Development department.
1997 Ten weeks in Modyn SA (car shock absorber manufacturer), Carquefou France, as technician in electronics. I worked in Research and Development for the Quality department. During this period, I developed a computer network and a software to pilot test benches.

Seasonal Jobs
1996 I worked one month as a warehouse man, in Gaëlic, Cholet.
1995 I worked as a cook in a staff canteen and as a launderer in the Cholet hospital.


I was in a team which took part in E=M6 Robotics Cup in 1996. We designed a robot and I personally carried out the data-processing programming. Our team finished 19th and there were 76 participants.

I participated in the organisation of the Cholet Airshow, in 1998.


English : conversational abilities

German : basic practice


Languages : C, Pascal, Basic, HTML,  Motorola assembler, PC  assembler in protected mode and Visual Basic Access, VHDL

Software : Word, Excel, Power Point, PSN, Access and Orcad

Systems : Dos, Windows 3.11, 95, 98, NT



I played six years basketball in the « Cholet Basket » club.

Glidersí pilot certificate.


I founded a demo-maker group on Atari in 1990.

Creation of the web site of líIUT GEII de Nantes. This web site was coded in HTML3 and Java-Script.